About YUVA 

Under the Yi pillar of Youth Leadership, CII Young Indians conceived YUVA with the vision to synergize students and their energy for positive action. The CII-Yi Yuva platform is one of the most active focus areas within Young Indians by which Yi members engage students from across the country in various initiatives that the students conceptualize, plan and execute. The objective is to create a bridge, a platform for the students to work in cross-functional teams with a broad objective of enhancing their leadership skills and giving back to the nation. In the process, the students work in leadership roles while operationalizing projects that are based on self-development, skill building, community service and nation building.             

YUVA is the Youth wing of Yi. We engage with Students in Colleges & Our Objective:

  • Building Youth Leadership with futuristic thought process
  • Developing Responsible Youth for the Future - Engaging in Nation building
  • Be the Voice of Young India

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