Rural Initiatives

Rural Initiatives (RI) is a part of Yi stakeholders team (MYTRi) and aims to acquire rural communities in Yi chapters.  Rural Initiatives (RI) aims to create an environment to ignite the aspirations of Rural citizens and bring in a change in attitudes, which is crucial for any transformation and to empower communities in villages through participatory rural development by building the bridge to rural India. Yi aims to achieve this transformation by building a robust participatory model where we can collaborate rural sector with local communities, industry and enterprise. Yi projects and initiatives has tremendous potential in making a difference to the Rural communities.




EMPOWER: Empower rural youth and work towards inclusivity through encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship


EDUCATE: Educate children to be safe and ensure safety of people around them in a rural environment.


SUSTAIN: Imbibe social responsibility through Yi Projects

INCLUDE: Incorporate the rural stakeholders in nation building


Activities under Yi Rural Initiatives

  • 05-Aug-2020 Yi Thoothukudi Rural Initiative: Smart Learning Projects
  • 08-Nov-2019 Yi - Rural Initiative - Saral Project
  • 19-Oct-2019 Yi Mission Clean Tamirabarani River
  • 19-Oct-2019 Eco-friendly Diwali Celebration with Rural children - Yi Vadodara
  • 30-Sep-2019 Yi Vadodara - Session on Self-Development for Rural School Children
  • 27-Aug-2019 Yi Jharkhand - Training Session on Business Etiquettes.
  • 21-Sep-2019 Session on communication skills with Rural Teachers– Yi Vadodara
  • 19-Aug - 19-Sep-2019 Yi Thoothukudi - Banking Awareness Session
  • 22-Aug-2019 Yi Thoothukudi Chapter Career Counselling Session
  • 07-Sep-2019 Yi Thoothukudi Chapter - Awareness session on Sports
  • 29-Aug-2019 Yi Chennai - Launch of Project Bagnify - To help women from SHG to setup business by lending raw materials for free
  • 01-Jul-2019 Yi Furniture Donation Drive
  • 29-Jun-2019 Yi Vadodara - Session of skill building with Rural Teachers
  • 23-Jun-2019 Yi Hyderabad Rural Initiative Medical Camp at Mamidipally Tanda, Sangareddy.
  • 25-May-2019 Yi Lucknow Masterclass on Financial Inclusion
  • 07 - 08 Apr-2019 Health Check Up Camp
  • 13-Dec - 13-Jan-2019 Thursday, 13 December 2018 - Session on Menstrual Hygiene & Nutrition followed by one to one diagnosis - Yi Vadodara
  • 06-Dec-2018 Session for Farmers held on How to Marketing and Export their goods.
  • 14-Sep-2018 Yi Indore paper bag making workshop
  • 15-Aug-2018 Yi Indore Celebrated Independence day at Lohar Pipliya Village
  • 25-Oct-2018 Mission Swasth Raho Khush Raho-Dental Checkup Camp at Government School Dighari - Yi Raipur
  • 31-Aug-2018 Green thinkers : finals - Yi Goa
  • 15-Aug-2018 Swachhta Pakhwada Campaign - Yi Salem
  • 07-Aug-2018 Site Visit at Vinoba Niketan - Yi Trivandrum
  • 07-Apr-2018 World Health Day Celebrations - Yi Chandigarh
  • 25-Jan-2018 Republic Day Celebrations - Yi Chandigarh
  • 31-Jul-2018 Interactive session with MLA Shabarinathan on Rural Initiatives - Yi Trivandrum Chapter
  • 26-May-2018 Eye Camp at Wahrinong Village, West Khasi Hills, Yi Meghalaya Chapter
  • 25-Jul-2018 Session on Assistance for Agricultural production - Yi Vadodara
  • 03-Apr-2018 Yi Meeting with Actionaid team for Rural Initiative - Hyderabad Chapter
  • 16-May-2018 School Renovation and Painting - Trichy Chapter
  • 03-Jun-2018 Sustainable Development Goals - UN training programme - Yi Siliguri Chapter
  • 01-Jun-2018 MOU signing between Rural Initiative and Salasar Sewa Ashram - Siliguri
  • 13-May-2018 Session on General Health Awareness on the Harmful effects of Tobacco intake - Siliguri Chapter
  • 29-Apr-2018 identifying Village for Rural Initiatives - Hyderabad Chapter