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Siddharth Malani

Co Chair
Ashutosh Deendayal

Executive Member
Rohit Kerchipalli

Latest Activities -

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    05-Apr-2020   Yi Hyderabad Social Media campaign at 9pm for 9 mins
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    31-Mar-2020   Yi Hyderabad distributed 4,000+ food packets all over Hyderabad with the support of Telangana Police as a part of COVID 19 relief.
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    19-Dec-2019   Yi Hyderabad - Promote & spread awareness of Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai at Infosys, Gachibowli
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    15-Dec-2019   Yi Hyderabad -WCP collaboration with DPS to promote & spread awareness of Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai.
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    11-Aug-2019   Yi Hyderabad Chapter Organized Badminton League.
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    12-Aug-2019   Yi Huyderabad - GAO Session in Collaboration with Harley Davidson Owners group
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    01-July-2019   Yi Road Safety Seat Buckle up Awareness campaign
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    21-June-2019   Yi Hyderabad International Yoga Day at CII GBC Center
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    23-June-2019   Yi Hyderabad Rural Initiative Medical Camp at Mamidipally Tanda, Sangareddy.

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