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Tapendra Senapati

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    22-June-2018   CIPET INNOVEX MAKERS LAB - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    12-June-2018   Masoom : Bharatiya Vidya bhawan - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    10-May-2018   Session on Personal Hygine, Good & Bad Touch @ Happy Hours Summer Camp - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    01-May-2018   Yi Nutri Chef - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    13-Apr-2018   Session on Good Touch & Bad Touch was held for Parents & Kids & Physically Challenged Kids - Yi Bhubaneswar Chapter
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    10-Apr-2018   Session on Good Touch & Bad Touch @ KISS School - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    08-Apr-2018   Membership Engagement @ Gup-Shup - Yi Bhubaneswar
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    08-Apr-2018   Session with Bullu Biker Yi Bhubaneswar
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    03-Apr-2018   Innovex Talk - Yi Bhubaneswar

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