Entrepreneurship is recognized as one of the most important inputs towards economic development of the country. It is the catalyst for social transformation and works for the common well-being.

Young Indians recognizes, entrepreneurship as a key element of transformation for India heading into the next decade of growth. This would not only create value in terms of economic wealth, but also be a trigger for job creation and is a path that is needed for solving the myriad challenges that prevent India from reaching its potential.

Young Indians has a vision to be recognized for creating an environment, which promotes entrepreneurship as a tool for developing India. This is intended to be achieved through knowledge delivery, mentorship and market access that would enable entrepreneurs scale and inspire students on path of entrepreneurship. Yi is working to create entrepreneurs through mentors and internships for college students and also working with school students from an early age in schools.

We would look to create a platform to engage meaningfully 10000 entrepreneurs by 2022. This would be done through enhanced access to market for entrepreneurs and also enhancing their knowledge base with mentorship.

Young Indians over the years has curated multiple thematic summits across the countries. Experience sharing by entrepreneurs on various aspects of their journey has enabled students to be inspired to take on a journey of entrepreneurship. We have collaborated with other institutions, foreign trade offices and academic institutions.

As founding members of G 20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance and the Commonwealth Alliance Asia for Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE), we are able to bring to India global perspectives and best practices and advocate through these organizations for policy change. Being part of the Young Indian membership, allows one to tap into this network.

We at Young Indians invite you to partner with us as we trigger the passion for entrepreneurship amongst students and young entrepreneurs.