Debates / Talks

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, also known as the ‘People’s President’ has been ranked amongst the most respected people the country has ever seen. His contribution to the India growth story as the President and through various other eminent roles that he played prior to and after his Presidency did make him the ‘Youth Icon’ of India. He touched so many lives and spoke to lakhs of people on his vision for India, mainly the youth. He planted his thoughts into millions of people and touched them in small and big ways. His passing away was a sad story in India’s history - but was also an occasion to celebrate that man he was and his vision for the country. ‘To shine like sun, you should first burn like sun’ was one of his best quotes and as Young Indians, Yi as an organisation is ready to take his thoughts forward as our own towards implementation. There is no subject that Dr Kalam hasn’t touched upon, either through his books or talks and that gave us a very vast scope to be engaged with. Commemorating the first birth anniversary of Dr Kalam on 15th October 2015, Yi observed this very special day through a nation-wide Yi youth dialogue on ‘Visioning for India’ across 35 cities in India.

The objective of this initiative was to bring youth together to dream high, create a vision of India of their dreams and bring glory to the nation; to provide an opportunity for the youth to listen to great visionaries and leaders who have made a significant difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of others; To inspire young people to put country first and to contribute in their individual capacity for the development of India; To debate and discuss on actionable points that each one of us will adhere to keeping the vision that Kalam has set for India and to use this opportunity as a platform for the exchange of ideas by like-minded people in Yi and our extended networks. This was Yi’s first major initiative under its ‘Thought leadership’ vertical.