Governing Council (at the national level)

The Yi Governing Council meetings are deliberations that are made by the Governing Council members of the year, after every quarter. These meetings are organised for the members and the Yi secretariat to decide and review the activities that it has undertaken and plans to do in the future under the various initiatives and platforms. Every year, The Governing Council meetings happen for a minimum of 4 times and are undertaken at various cities of the country so as to apprise the members about the uniqueness of each city in terms of its cultural diversity and socio-economic diaspora. The GC meetings are truly valuable in terms of getting an idea of the achievable traction through the conjoined efforts of the various Yi chapters and are great idea generation workshops that help in conceptualizing the future course for the organisation and for innovative idea generation. In the recent past Yi GC's have taken a more informal structure to add zing and fun to the process of nation building, through Yi Bazaars, a fun filled & interactive discussion process.

The members of the Governing Council include the Current National Chairman and Vice Chairman, the National Chairs and Co Chairs of verticals, platforms and strategic focus areas, the Chairs and Co chairs of the Yi chapters across the country, the Past National Chairmen of Young Indians & Special Invitees.